First First First…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maahi Kapoor

May 2


“FIRST” This single word itself contain so much happiness, so many emotions and uncountable memories….,hai na, I dont think there is any person alive who doesn’t have fond memories of something “first” in his/her life…..
First barbie set, first school day, first prize in any competition, first foreign trip, first fracture, first driving experience, first stage performance, first car, first PSP, first crush, first love ,first surgery, first baby, first fight with best friend, first kiss …………….the list is too long and ofcourse how one can ever forget first heartbreak …hai na?
Just ask any mom, she can’t be able to explain in words the happiness she felt when her baby called her “mama” first time.. she can exactly tell you the day, time and year when her baby first walk on his own..these are magical moments for some “first’s” in one mother’s life.
Just imagine the proud and happiness one feel being The first person to fly in the sky, stepping down on the moon or hoisting flag on the Everest
When “first” word get attached to anything in our life…its just become very precious to us and its impossible to forget it ever.You know what…I think most of us keep struggling in our life just to be “first”..first in class, school, college, office, and first in some one’s life too..;P.This is a very simple word but it has immense power that leads us human to feel so many emotions like …courage, motivation, proud, jealousy, rivalry, satisfaction, confident, humiliation and so on..
Think about the happiness, satisfaction and the confidence you felt the day you got your “first” salary..? after that you may be getting double or triple money than that, and you must be feeling contended, but I think still the joy of getting first salary is uncomaparable….hai na ( I too want to feel that happiness some day )

Its human nature that whenever we do anything for the first time we feel so many things that the memory of that day carved permanently in our brain,and the bitter sweet memories of it keep touching our heart in many ways through out the life, we cant shake it how hard we try.
I still remember the day when I wore saree first time for teacher day celeberation..and till this day I could not gained enough courage to do that again….oops.but I have dream like memories of my first cherry blossom experience in south korea…I can still feel it, I just need to close my eyes..and suddenly I am surrounded by cherry blossoms all around me…….simple. ( I still remember all the crazy things that happened with me when I joined yahoo chat ” first time..)
Remember!!!!!… when we were in school and used to participate in annual sports day.. our only goal was to be the first in race..and when we beacame the first, we just try to seek out our parents and look into their eyes.. smiling eyes , filled with tears of happiness..who can ever forget such sweet memories..nah!!!! impossible.

The day when I gave my first stage performance, I was so busy in looking out for my mom and dad in audience that I forgot why I am standing on the stage..and my teacher from back stage was wispering my name desperately” maahi, start singing…and My whole attention was on my search for my parents, and when only I saw my mom waving hands , I relaxed and started singing…( I was in nursery school that time ).and ofcourse I had been a laughing stock for a long time in my family for that act , my big bro’s still some time keep reminding me of that day and I just shrug and say, what are you both talking about,…

Think about smell of the soil when it rained “first” time in season or the “first” bud bloomed into a flower in your favourite plant, first ray of sunlight, first snow fall of the season…..these all give us so much happiness… after first…. second, third or fourth does”t give so much pleasure, ofcourse we like them also..but ” first is first”…..simple.
If you ask most of the peoples, they all have vivid memory of their first flight journey.. its hard to forget our first experience. I still have pictures of my first cooking expeiments…what a mess I made!!!!
you know what? I do this one thing very oftenly with older peoples..I just ask them to tell me about their past and they just start telling me all the sweet things they did , seen or experiencned first watching TV, travelling by flight, using escalator, , mobile phones, laptop….there are so many things which they experienced first time and had fun!!!!…….sachi. you cant believe how shiney their eyes becomes, twinkling with happiness of past memories..I just love it

Most of the ‘first’s ‘ in our life give us happiness but not always….some time first can be worst…I have seen peoples who have gone through their first heart breaks..its horrible.. they just give up all hopes and dont want to live any more…gradually most of them over come but not without scars, but second time they dont get hurt that much.. but nothing can replace that first ever in their life…Good or Bad…first remains the first ….hai na?


Wandering in the futuristic city…………

Maahi Kapoor

March 13 th, 2012

(I am dedicating this post to my best friend Sanu…its his birthday today)
If some one ask me”Maahi describe yourself in one word” I will say “wanderer” without giving the question a second thought. I cant explain myself better then this..I dont know why but I feel like wandering I am searching for something but have no idea what I am looking for……
And this looking for something makes me to keep on going everywhere…you know what?….There is a song from U2…Hmm …” I have climbed highets mountain…I have run through the field……I have crawled these city walls……but I still have not found..what I am looking for…..I think this song is just made for me….sachi and I keep playing this song while I drive…….

It was not like this when I was in mumbai, there also I like to hang out with my friends, but always in group of all teenager girls like me but now I want to explore every place ALONE!!!..I think this is all due to my two years experience in Assam.I have changed a I can see the things which I used to ignore totally before. That time we all girls look at the other girls cloth, food joints, movies and even when we go out to park or elephenta caves, there too we dont observe the heritage, instead we do all the fun a group of teenagers can do..
But now I see and observe everything very carefully..I think about their history, their imporatnce and their benifits …etc
As my dad transferred to Ahmedabad, I have been shuttling between Dehli and Ahmedabad quite frequently..and being a wandere keep wandering whole city most of the time.
Initially I found Ahmedabad very dry, bore and unhappening place. I think that was because of my Assam’s hangover ;P..hey you all can understand, Assam was all about green and gardens(tea)
But gradually I am becoming fond of this city….I like to roam in the whole city.There are so many thing to see and experience here…sachi.
Ahmedabad has its own history which one can be proud of…This city was founded by Sultan Ahmed Shah. Now today this city is number one in textile industry in India.River sabarmati flow between the city dividing it in two parts.
The famous sabarmati ashram is situated on its bank ( who doesn’t know about this ashram, this is a holy place for the follower of Mahatma gandhi ji).I came to Ahemdabad earlier too, I mean when I was around 9 years old, almost 10 yrs back, that time this city was not like what it is now.
every where you go, you will find constructions going on….and that made my wandering little dusty and sandy….oops.( and the most awaited project by me is a gift city….)
Ahmedabad is a hot place too….sachi.But I can see what this city going to be in near future very clearly…..very well developed, modern , and the best place in whole India for living……
You know what?… Forbes magazine rated Ahmedabad as the fastest-growing city in India, and third in the world after two Chinese cities, many development work is going on here…malls, big office buildings, IT hubs…….awsome!!
You will find broad road ( not so well kept because of all construction works…but still they are broad..) There is a BRTS service too.BRTS is a Bus rapid transit system for the city. These buses runs on the corridors, running along the middle of the city roads in which no other vehicles are allowed.
This city is not green like Dehli or Assam..but there are few places where I like to go and spend my time .And they are ..kankaria lake..vastra pur lake..parimal garden, law garden…etc.

Kankaria Lake is one of the most favourite picnic spots of the people of Ahmedabad. The pleasing view of the lake, the humming and chirping of birds and the greenery bordering the lake will make you fall in love with this place…..sachi. You can also avail the boating facility.
This lake has 34 sides. you know what…? It is said that this lake was frequently visited by Mughal Emperor Jahangir and his Empress wife Noor Jahan ( how romantic….hai na)..
.Vastrapur lake is also a beautiful place to hangout, it shines in night beautifully….very fascinating..( this is also the place most visited by me …I just love to hang out there..)Many shops, restaurants and snack bars can be found around..( paani puri lovers can found their paradise there….).But I have seen that visitors there are not so keen in keeping the place clean..(.it is hurting) IIM…..The prestigious Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad is located about 1km from the lake.
There is a pathway all around the lake. The lake has pretty gardens with lots of stone work in them.
There is one more garden named Law garden….Law Garden is a public garden in the city of Ahmedabad. The market outside the garden is very famous for the handicraft goods sold by local people. The road at the side of the garden is filled with street hawkers selling all kinds of yummy food items.
Even parimal garden is also nice, but if only people can learn to keep all these gardens clean……
You know what..most of the gardens are occupied with young couples….
There are many gates in the ahmedabad city like Teen darvaja ,Lal darvaja, Jamalpur darvaja ,Astodia darvaja, Delhi darvaja, Panchkuwa darvaja, Dariyapur darvaja ,Raipur darvaja, Raikhad darvaja……. etc.( I wish I named them all….oops) and there is a jhoolta minar, ( jhoolta means swaying in english..I think) and sarkhej roja also very famous monument.

Teen darvaja is a very famous gate in ahemdabad. There is a very big market in teen darvaja.It is the oldest and longest gate.These places are good for non vegetarian snacks.but this is an old part so you may feel crowdy too. One can find, beautiful mosque and temple here in Ahmedabad.,

I like to go to Nirma college side, from there I drive to Vaishnodevi temple and from there back to satellite area…and this way I keep roaming…
When you go out on weekends, you will find that almost whole ahmedabad is out of their home and eating out…sachi
foods , foods and foods…they just love foods.They work hard whole week and just loosen up on week ends.. ( I think their funda of having fun is eating out with families) .This place is heaven for vegetarian snacks lovers….uncountable varieties of mouth watering snacks , with reasonable price you will find on the road side…Hmmmmm… And for shopping, Ahmedabad is one of the best place to buy cotton cloths.. so many beautiful colours, prints, design and many with hand works..lovely…
I think my this post is going to be bit long if I keep on praising better to stop here with these last words that..may be in near future people like visit india because of Ahmedabad , just like they go for Newyork, paris and london……….sachi.
But one thing is for sure, after my experience of Mumbai and Assam, I learned this  thing in my chintu mintu life, and that is…never to get too close or attach with anything ever….it hurts to let them go..Hey have you seen the slogan written on the back of tempo, trucks and rickshaw’s?…..keep distance to avoid accidents…hai na? Now I made this as my motto in life…….simple.


maahi kapoor


february 17th 2012

” I am standing in the balcony of this beautiful white bunglow, in front of this bunglow there spread a lush green garden with white picket fencing all around it, beyond this lies a miles and miles of meadows, where sheeps are grazing and white horses are galloping , I can see apple orchards too, and behind all these, stands snow peak mountains. clouds are playing hide n seek with the sun and the peaks.I can also see white doves playing and chirping.Bunglow is surrounded with flower of different colours.breeze is mildly flowing, which also spreading the scent of freshly bloomed roses to the whole enviornment .white satin curtains are fluttering on the tune of the breeze, sweet sound of windchymes is also very fascinating.behind this bunglow, flow a stream which comes from a nearby waterfall, and on this stream there is an old arch shaped wooden bridge.The whole place has heavenly feeling, so peaceful. my friend is also standing besides me, I am feeling so happy and contended watching those doves, butterflies and sheeps. suddenly my friend start singing which made me to realise his presence too and then I pushed him and said, “stop croacking like a frog” and ran away , he start following me, ( I knew he is going to beat me into pulp if he catch me) so I start running too fast, we both are laughing too and still no one stopped. I am now going down on spiral staircase I even staggered once , my friend still following me, now I am running through backyard lawns, jumping over bushes, he is catching up with me, once or twice his fingers even touched my flowing hairs, he is coming closer and closer now I am panicked , and suddenly it was dead end, I reached at the bank of the stream, no where to go, and suddenly I thought about flying and spread my hands…crash!!!!!!!!

huh?….what was that? my cousin came running into my room and said ” maahi? what happend? are you alright, and I was like sona, !! I was flying but dont know what happend, and she scolded me “maahi ki bachchi you pushed your nite lamp from the side stool, and its crashed and broken, why did you do that? ( oh! now I understood that while I was spreading my arms for flying I pushed down that lamp!!!!! ) she then helped me in sweeping all the broken glass pieces of the bulb. Then she tucked me in bed again and asked me not to step down until servent come and sweep the room again in the morning..I closed my eyes and tried to dream again the same dream but I just end up dreaming about my final exams where I forgot all I read and could not reply a single question…;P
Hmmmmm how bad it feels when such a beautiful dreams get broken…we want such dreams to keep goin on and on….. never end..hai na? but life is just like this.

We all dreams while we sleep as well as with our eyes open.The dream we see while sleeping is not in our hand, we can see anything, from alien to God , we can be an angel and demon in a blink of our eyes, nuthing in our control…its like fast moving movies,,According to scientists dreams mainly occur in the rapid-eye movement stage of sleep—when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake.(studies of dream called ‘oneirology’.)

We all dreams till we die, I mean if we are dreaming it means we are alive…..simple. These are the dreams which makes us keep moving, keep doing, struggling and give us strength to fight…just think if our late scientist have not dreamed , could we get all these modern amneties we are having now? who can ever thought about landing on the moon if it were never dreamed. And you know what…? some times I  think if it were not for dreams we were still living in the jungles wearing leaves….oops ( kidding)
As the dream motivate us to keep going , some time broken dreams can break us too…( I am not talking about the breaking of our nite dreams here….), for some their dreams and ambitions are their life , once it get broken they loose all hope and dont want to live…I think increasing rate of sucides in the world is just the result of breaking of such dreams in most of the cases. I know its very hard to dream again once your life time dreams get broken, its same as tsunami or hurrican passes over a place , cut up and destroy the whole area,…hai na? very few have this courage to get up and start all over again..but their course of life get change forever
its easy to gather the pieces of broken bulb and replace the lamp with new one, but gathering the pieces of shattered dream can never be easy and how hard we try , some pieces remains hidden and keep pricking our heart now and then through out the life and reminding us of our shattered dream which  was once our life…
here few lines .written about shattered dreams by some poet

You hold my heart and my soul,
You hold my life and my dreams.
You fondle them in your hands,
You toss them around.
And you drop them.
A million little pieces all over the floor.
You pick them up,
Look at them and drop them again.
You stomp and stomp.
Then you look at me and say,
No more heart,
No more soul,
No more life,
You’re left with,
Shattered dreams.

You know what? I think if we can help any one in fulfilling their dreams and achieve their ambitions in life  we can forget the pain and hurt ( or  chintu mintu  overcome  ) of our shattered dreams…..hai na?

Unspoken Words………………………………!!!!!!!!!

Maahi Kapoor
New Delhi
january 2012

I wish you all a very very happy new year and I want to wish you all in 2013 too;P.
You know what, in India, most of the religions have their own new year day, like punjabi, sindhi’s, gujarati’s ,north Indians even south Indian’s too have their new year on some specific day….but still we all celeberate 31st december as our new year eve….
and I know most of us makes resolutions too which we want to follow but many of us just keep that in writing and minds, even we keep reminding ourself that we have to follow our resolutions….but most of us just cant do that.
past year was not so good for me..I lost more than I ever had…and this year I dont have guts to lose anythings( please God, I hope your are reading this too..)..Last year I went to roing ( Myodia in Arunachal pradesh) in new year’s vacations but this time I was just at home missing all those whom I lost and those who left me ……

Delhi is a very happening place, very very different from Assam, ( now I started comparing Delhi to Assam, and two years back, it was Assam verses mumbai…) My new year celeberation was very memorable there..and it will always be in my thoughts as a very sweet memory.

I am not going to write about any place this time..I just want to share my feelings with all of you.
Many of us may have suffered a lot last year and must be wishing for a happy new year this time, me too want the same for them and myself…. You know what… some time we want to say something, but we just end up saying something very different and those words which we really wanted to say remain unspoken ….lost in air…Hmmmmm lets imagine what if science can make such a device so that we can read all those unspoken words… what will happen then,????… we can see those unspoken words  rotating around the persons like planets rotate around the sun….simple.

.Lets leave the joke apart, but isn’t it very difficult sometime to say  a  person what we actually want to say to them…when we want to say “please dont go, dont leave me” we just end up saying ” okay do what makes you happy, all the best” and some time when we are hurt, broken and crying and bleeding inside, but we just smile and say, ” yeah, ofcourse I am fine, nah! nothing wrong its all right, and give a smile” and those word just get die inside you, dont even dare to touch your lips… hai na?

When I was leaving Assam, sanu used to come to my house, many times a day and just keep asking me innocents questions, like when I will reach delhi, what I am going to study, If I am going to be in touch with him or not or If I will make new grown up friends and forget about him…..many many questions like these but I can read in his eyes what he wanted to say to me..he didn’t want to let me go, he wanted me there always with him but he knew that, that was not possible so he left those words unspoken..
some time when we fall in love with some one who dont feel for you in the same way you feel..then you just end up saying” You know I like you very much and I miss you and feel like  hell when you are not with me”, BUT  you dont dare to say “love” becuase you dont want to lose the relation of friendship with that person, …something is always better than nothing..hai na?. The most hurting part is that when some one left you and you have no idea why that happend, but you cant question that person beacuse your self respect dont allow you to do so, but every day you just wait for something from that person which makes you smile or atleast give some assurance that it was not your fault that made him/her leave….

In short unspoken words are the story of words we have in our minds, in our heart, in our thoughts but not in our speech. At a times such situations become controversial as the words you wanted to speak out don’t turn up on your tongue & the things which turn up really doesn’t make sense which upset the listener for certain reasons.

I had observed that sometimes when we are really excited to share about our internal thoughts, our ideas our feelings words don’t come out from out mouth. Instead there is dead silence & all our feelings & thoughts are locked in between our tongues. This all happens because we feel nervous to bring out our heart onto our tongue

But yes somebody had said very truth that love & affection can never be spoken but always be felt, love can always be spoken from heart rather than tongue, nature can always be cherished more from your eyes rather than your voice & Friends can be understood with their un-spoken words………

Here is a beautiful poem written by a famous poet:

So many things I wanna say
Just wanted someone to listen
To the longings of my heart
But the words fell short of wisdom
And they’d never come out right

I never meant to cause the scars
By words spoken in confusion
I was only trying to find my way
To the end of the illusion

So these soft words unspoken
Keep drifting on the wind
Just a sentimental token
Of things I’ve lost
And where I’ve been

Yes, I’m tired of the echos…
of soft words unspoken…….

So….isn’t it better that in this new year we make resolution to give voice to those unspoken words……….after all this is 2012..who knows kal ho ya na ho..;P


unforgetful moments……..

Maahi Kapoor
New delhi
nov 11 th
Hey ofcourse I am alive!….and I am really very very sorry for being away for such a long time ( I know that I don’t write much about anything important, so my being away wouldnt have made much difference… ) As you all might have come to know that I am not in Assam anymore. I am in New Delhi, the capital of the India, so change of college, friends, new surrounding and all made me too busy with life and I could not get time for anything.But I had to write this …This post is dedicated to my nanu( granny) who left me last week and I just dont know what to do without her…I am kind of feeling lost. she was my ideal, my inspiration, you may even say I was her blind follower, Good or bad, whatever I have learnt, I learned from her…now she is just gone…’We are punjabi but my nanu taught me to respect and follow all the religions, she used to say we have to see and take good things from everything :)..there is nothing like extremely good or extremely bad…everything in this world is mixture of good and bad…its upto us to see what we want to see in them…I hope you know what I am trying to say ( I have never been good with words and explanations….)
I dont like Delhi much but as my whole family is from here…I used to visit here since my childhood. and I have seen all the historical monuments and whatever other things Delhi has to offer…and believe me They are really beautiful. But to day I want to tell you about one place, where my nanu love to come and she liked me to accompany her, That place is “Lotus Temple”. you may have heard about, it may be few of you know about it more than me.The most important thing about this temple is that this is not like any other religious place, I mean temple, mosque, church or gurudwara, where we pray to our respective God…its different…
This temple belongs to Bahai…who are the follower of Baha’u’llah.What my nanu like about bahai faith is that
it is a world religion whose purpose is to unite all races and people’s in one universal Cause and one common Faith. Bahá’ís believe that the reason for our existence is to know and love God, and that we have been created out of God’s love for us.They believe in love and peace……
The traditions of almost every people include the promise of a future when peace and harmony will be established on earth and humankind will live in prosperity…….Dont we all want this?..hai na.. Thats the one thing which me and my nanu love most about this bahai faith..
Lotus temple is spectacular in its design 27 wonderful huge white petals of an unfolding lotus made of marble spring from nine pools and walkways. This temple can be compared to the Sydney Opera House. The temple has a striking though plain central hall where you can meditate.Its so peaceful to just sit there and meditate ( it was little irritating when I was a kid …oops).You have to switch off you mobiles and even camera’s are not allowed inside also you have to come to bare foot.In india shoes are not allowed in any temple.

There is an arrangement to keep your foot wears , so it doesn’t cause any problems for the visitor
Two days back I went there with my few friends just to feel my nanu there…I know she would like to see me going there regularly without her …and I will. The sourrounding park is also very beautiful..very green and well maintained. I went there at the time of evening and believe me it was looking so beautiful when the sun was setting behind the temple , it seemed that sun was pouring its all gold on lotus white petals ( I dont know how to express my feelings but I tried though) It was looking simply amazing…….
Lotus consider to be as the purest flower….my nanu always used to give me an example of lotus like “maho you should alway try to be like a grows in mudy and dirty water but still you will never see any dark spot on it, it always look so pure and clean. you have to be pure and clean in your heart and life regardless of the all the bad things going on all around the world” and I am trying to do as she wished me to…( I dont know how much I am successful…)
The lotus represents the Manifestation of God, and is also a symbol of purity and tenderness. let me tell you one thing..Delhi tour is not complete without visiting Lotus temple,, sachi.. the Temple Located in Kalkaji in the south of Delhi.
So when you get tired of all these hatred, war, lies, and impurity of the world, come here and just be here will find peace 🙂 Hey may be you can find me too, sitting there , thinking about my nanu…..
I love you nanu…and I will always…
Thanks for everything you did for me and taught me…..
I know, you are always with me..looking at me and watching my every step….
Love you…

An end……..

Maahi Kapoor
 may 13th

Atlast!!!! we reached most awaited place..”Tawang”!!!!.It was raining very hard and we all were shivering.We just ran to over hotel rooms.Next day we went to see many places and the most important among them is The ‘Tawang monastery.
You know what? the Tawang Monastery also known as “Galden Namgyal Lhatse” and it was founded by Merak Lama Lodre Gyamtso in the year 1860-61 AD.
Standing here we get the imposing and picturesque view of the Tawang -Chu valley. The monastery appears like a fort from a distance, as if guarding the admirers in the wide valley below….so proud and beautiful with its yellow golden roofs.. Tawang monastery is the largest of its kind in the country and 2nd largest in Asia. it has the capacity for housing about 700 monks,
The most imposing building of the monastery is the assembly hall known as “Dukhang”. It is a three-storied building standing on the northern side of the court and houses the temple and the “Labrang” …sachi.
The inside walls of the Dukhang are painted with murals of various divinities and saints. The altar covers the entire northern wall of the hall. To the left of the altar is the silver casket veiled in silk, holding the Thankas. You know what..  The Thankas was painted with blood drawn from the nose of the 5th Dalai Lama. The painting came to be known as “Ja-Droi-ma”, means, it had warmth of a bird, which symbolised that the Thanka was of a living type.

A very large statue of Lord Buddha stands in the middle of the northern side.
The monastery also has a Centre for Buddhist Cultural Studies, the place, where young monks are taught Arithmetic, English, and Hindi besides traditional monastic education.

In brief, this monastery is simply amazing and majestic in its appearance and splendour.

Then we went to see ‘war memorial’where we came to see the name of the soldiers who sacrificed their life for the country during “indo-china war”..(I never understand this hates..war…terrorisms theory..God has given us a life..why we cant spend this in peace ..happily and spreading love among all of us?)

Such places makes me proud of those brave soldiers but makes me sad too…
Then we went to see madhuri lake…oops actually its not the original name of the lake but its famous with this name now…
but we could not reach there .ofcourse due to too much snow and road blocks..but we managed to reach till “tsho lake”wow!!! it was all frozen..just little water could be seen here and there…and it was so peaceful. there are christmas trees all around the place…Really..if flowers can be grown at such a cold places I can bet…heaven cant be more beautiful than this…
But remember one thing..all these lakes comes on the way to ‘indo-china’border so its very protected and you must have I-cards and there is a time limits for visits too, so one must know about the timings..
I like momo,the best things to eat there..The life in the ‘Tawang is not very easy..during winters season they have almost nothing to eat sometime (as our hotel manager told us) but Still all of them seem so happy and smiling..
I dont know when I will be able to post again..there are lots of things going on in my chintu mintu life….
Some time we like to say many things but we get tied tongue and sometime we says things which doesn’t means what they should be..I hope you know what I am trying to say..
but anyways..enjoy your life ..keep smiling ..try to make someone happy or smiling  atleast once a day and never hurt or break heart of any innocent person, this is the worst crime…sachi….I dont know when we will meet again..
take care all of you

Love and sacrifices…….

Maahi Kapoor

28th April 2011

We started our journey to ‘Tawang’ again next day. You know what…the valleys and mountains were so pictursque that I could have travel whole day and nite without any break…sachi but I know that the driver needed break and so my mom and dad also. After travelleing through Dirang valley we reached the highest point of this route…ofcourse  the ” Sela Pass”..just few km from sela pass we started seeing patches of snow here and there on the road side.All the children got excited and started shouting…
How Sela Pass got its name is yet another interesting story.
The story goes like this- a sepoy, named Jaswant, fought a lone battle against the invading Chinese during the 1962 war. (His spirit is still believed to protect the place…sachi)  And Sela  was a tribal woman who supported him during his battle with the Chinese. This woman brought him supplies and used to tend to his wounds. Sela, was Jaswant Singh’s lady love.  she helped him by carrying bullets to the soldier, by providing him and his army with food.When Jaswant Singh was slain by a Chinese bullet, she fled to sela top and did manage to escape from the hands of invading Army She didn’t want to be captured by the Chinese army and thus she sacrificed her life by jumping off from Sela Top..How brave she must be..hai na?

 For the act of loyalty and bravery the place was named after her as “Sela” Pass.
This is so beautiful to be there at the height of 13700ft.there is a lake too’sela lake’crystal clear water appear so fascinating..I was just clicking pictures and suddenly snow started!!!! what a great feeling.I just closed my eyes with my face up and was feeling snow flakes on my face.I was not even feeling the bone chilled cold at that moment  but my mom started shouting at me and ordered me to sit back in the vehicle ( she will never understand my love for the nature…sigh)

Just 15 km away from the Tawang we came across the place named Jaswant garh ..this is the same place where sepoy Jaswant Singh was  captured and hanged.  A memorial is made for him here..You know what.?It is more of a temple than a war memorial for Indian Army soldiers. The Army has put a section of its soldiers at round the clock duty at Jaswantgarh to look after the memorial.
Jaswant Singh was posthumously awarded the “Maha Vir Chakra”…I think this is the place where each and every tourist has to stop and pay homage to the great and brave soldiers..who sacrificed their life for our beloved nation…hai na?

“salute to his bravery and hats off for his lady love”

Above picture is of sela lake and the picture below is of Jaswant garh memorial. The sela picture is not so clear because it was misty and the snow fall had started.

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